Duplicate File Remover for Mac: Find Files Quickly, Delete Easily

Lack of space on your Mac’s hard drive is disappointing and annoying. One of the most noteworthy reasons for the vanishing of disk space on Apple computers is the build-up of duplicate files. Eventually, the full hard drive may decrease system performance making your Mac slow. To deal with double files, users have options of manual or app-powered duplicate discovery and removal. Finding duplicated images, videos, audio, and text files manually takes plenty of time and effort. This is why using a file copy detector app is the best way to eliminate the unwanted data fast and effectively.

DuplicateClean App Features and Powers

The market is saturated with various apps for duplicate file removal. Mac users can find both free and paid applications in AppStore or elsewhere. Typically, the apps provided free of charge have a limited functionality range compared to the paid software. But the feature list of the top-notch DuplicateClean app for Mac makes it stand out from the crowd of competitors. Tested with the help of people from various professions who deal with the issue of multiple files and their duplicates every day, it gained positive feedback. Designers, essay writers, content managers, accountants – all of them come up against the problem of identical or similar items in their activities. And all of them recognized the utmost benefits of DuplicateClean!

delete photo duplicates

Duplicate photo cleaner

DuplicateClean is your #1 choice for cleaning up the photo library on your Mac. Use its flexible and 100% customizable toolset to locate and purge duplicated pictures. Users of macOS Sierra (High Sierra) can run an in-depth scan in Photos organizer and iCloud Photo Library. allows detecting all copies of the same images synced on available Apple devices. Whether you edited or resized a particular picture, DuplicateClean finds it all! The application smoothly handles all popular image formats: JPG, RAW, GIF, PNG, etc.

delete duplicate songs

Duplicate music files finder

Listening to your favorite music on your Apple devices is a great thing until the disk space is gone. Lossless audio formats have sound but occupy as much space as a small HD movie. Is there a way to prevent audio files from taking up much hard drive space? Similarly to iTunes duplicate file removal, you can uproot music file copies on your Mac with DuplicateClean. Scan your music library for song copies and purge them with duplicate file deleter. Enjoy your favorite songs without destroying your playlists!

find duplicates in iphoto

Delete duplicates in iPhoto

Users of earlier Mac OS versions face a situation when the size of iPhoto library rapidly increases with each new photo taken. DuplicateClean can help to reclaim the occupied disk space on Mac OS X Lion, OS X Mountain and OS X Yosemite v10.10. Forget about checking each image file manually. Scan the items within the iPhoto library and purge the file duplicates in one click! DuplicateClean leaves the original versions of each image intact. , your are safe and protected.

itunes duplicates

iTunes duplicate remover

Are you an active iTunes user? If so, sooner or later you’ll be challenged by the problem of duplicate audio files, videos, and applications on your Mac. iTunes file copies can occupy gigabytes of space on your SSD or HDD. DuplicateClean scans your Mac to discover the audio file duplicates. No need to spend time rummaging multiple audio files, old downloads, app update remnants, etc. With DuplicateClean, you can get rid of all the iTunes junk keeping all of your favorite songs and video clips available at any moment.

find video duplicates

Duplicate video finder

If you’re a movie lover or a videographer, you will face the problem of disk space shortage eventually. Online video portals and cloud storages are unable to sort out the issue . The chances of discovering video files on your Mac are is why you need a duplicate file cleaner to free up the disk space. DuplicateClean handles all popular video file formats and will help you identify the copies with maximum effect. Once they, you can rename, move or purge the videos occupying the disk space

remove aperture duplicates

Remove duplicates in Aperture

Aperture is a powerful application for photo editing and management used in OS X versions before Yosemite. In the course of graphics processing, photo editors clone files needed for work. Apart from that, Aperture is a memory-intensive app, which results in Mac’s performance decrease and slow work. DuplicateClean can help you reclaim the disk space and free up RAM. Using duplicate file deleter, you can eliminate files from the Aperture in one click. Just search for identical images, no matter the file name.

Extra Benefit! Delete files from Dropbox

Dropbox is a file hosting service meant to store files online and share them with other users. Being a cloud storage, Dropbox syncs files and folders on all devices it’s connected to. In spite of being quite handy, a Dropbox folder can become messy and needs some cleaning. Run DuplicateClean to remove duplicate and outdated files. The application will discover clone files in your Dropbox storage and offer to purge them for good.

What Are the Benefits of Using Duplicate File Cleaner on Mac?

After a year of use, a typical Mac has up to 30% of its hard drive space occupied with file copies and junk. Using a special app can help to find duplicate files and reclaim the disk space.

Free applications for duplicate file cleaning have a narrow functionality range in comparison with paid apps. Typically, the programs provided free of charge can help Mac users sort the file copies using the variety of parameters. It is possible to sort the files by size, name, format, or by all of these specifications at the same time. Overall, cost-free apps are simple and locate the majority of file doubles.

As for paid apps for double-file discovery, they offer a vast array of features for running in-depth scans with maximum effect. Pro duplicate detectors can find file copies by both traditional attributes and content. A paid app for duplicate removal can discover copies of a specific file saved under different names. After analyzing these file copies on a byte level and by their contents, the app defines if these are duplicates.

To sum up, paid applications for duplicates discovery have the following advantages:

  • Efficiency and a minimum error probability
  • Extensive functionality
  • User-friendliness and flexibility
  • Intuitive navigation

How Duplicate File Deleter Works

eliminate double files

Mac users can discover and purge duplicate files in two ways – using Terminal commands or special duplicate file cleaner. However, the first method can be difficult to master for Mac beginners without knowing how the Terminal operates. Also, the Terminal may miss double files and needs user attendance for manual file check. As for using special apps to eliminate duplicates, this method is fast, safe and reliable.

DuplicateClean is an easy-to-use solution when it comes to detecting file clones in the most secluded parts of the Mac OS. When running a system scan, the DuplicateClean app uses specially developed algorithms to tell the original file from its duplicate and eliminate the copy. No data is purged without user’s knowledge or consent.

To eliminate the file copies with DuplicateClean, do the following actions:

  • In the DuplicateClean dashboard, go to Duplicate Finder section.
  • Choose the area of interest to search for file doubles.
  • Look through the list of discovered file copies and decide which of them to keep or delete.

DuplicateClean ensures no files are deleted by mistake. The application backs up all the discovered files to prevent accidental file purge. At this point, any file can be restored from backup. Using our specially developed app to delete file copies from your Mac is the best way to keep it alive and kicking!