Duplicate File Remover for Mac: Find Files Quickly, Delete Easily

You would be surprised to find out how many copies of various images, videos, songs, documents, and lists had piled up on machine over the years. Even without realizing it, you may save the duplicates while downloading something from the Internet or operating inside your work or home network. Such unwanted double files copies take extra disk space and make your Mac work slowly. Getting rid of them may be extremely time-consuming and test your patience unless you use a special app – an effective duplicate remover. This article reveals all you need to know about ways of finding and deleting useless copies.

What is Duplicate File Cleaner?

Obviously, using a specially developed software is the fastest and the most efficient way for you to eliminate double files on Mac. Thankfully, AppStore offers a broad range of apps that will help you to find any copies, sort them out and delete them. Some apps are free while the others are available for a certain fee. The latter ones generally offer you a trial version to clear up if you are content with their work.

Basically, free duplicate finder apps work the identical way. They usually let the user sort out the copies by name, by size, by format or by all these specifications simultaneously. As a rule, such apps are really simple, they do not have many features but can detect the greater part of doubles.

On average, over 30% of hard disk space on a typical Mac is stuffed up with duplicates files and other junk after just one year of use. You can easily free it up.

On the other hand, paid double file finders provide users with a much wider range of handy features and are generally considered a smarter way to take care of your Mac. The thing is, advanced detectors can find copies not only by traditional attributes but also by their actual content. For example, if the same image or video is saved on your Apple computer under a few different names, the app will analyze the contents of all these files on a byte level and will determine if they duplicate each other. Such apps are considered to be the most popular and reliable as the probability of a mistake or lag is close to zero.

In addition to being feature-packed, paid apps often are highly customizable and have a very attractive interface. Hence, decent duplicate finders are easy to use and intuitive to navigate. As a result, a utility will do all the work for you just after a few clicks.

Duplicate photo cleaner

Whenever you need to uproot your images library, again, DuplicateClean is the answer. Its customizable, smart, and flexible features make the app the best in class for the task. DuplicateClean would never over overlook duplicate pictures because it compares images on several levels in all popular image formats: JPG, RAW, GIF, PNG, etc. The app easily detects double copies of the same photos even if they have been resized and edited previously.

Duplicate music files finder

Much like managing file clones on iTunes, you can weed out duplicate music files on your Mac with DuplicateClean. Not letting audio files eat away the hard drive space is really challenging task nowadays as you wish to have all your favorite tunes available on all your devices. Add here the fact that due to the lossless formats, songs have size like a small HD movie. So check your music for duplicates, remove them, and enjoy your music without totally messing your playlists up.

Delete duplicates in iPhoto

With each photo taken, your iPhoto folder size keeps growing occupying more and more space on the disk. DuplicateClean lets you effectively manage thousands of image without the need to check every file manually. One click is enough to easily run scan within iPhoto, delete duplicates and free up tons of precious hard drive space. At that, the original of each photo will always be safe and protected by the smart algorithms.

iTunes duplicate remover

iTunes users often face the problem of duplicate songs, videos, and apps that land on your Mac. Such copies may take gigabytes of space on your hard drive, but in most cases, you don't really need them. With our duplicate finder, you will not have to waste time trying to manage numerous songs, old downloads, software update leftovers, etc. DuplicateClean will get rid of all this trash but keep your favorite music and videos available at any moment.

Duplicate video finder

Sooner or later, anyone who likes watching movies and taking family videos faces the problem of the video files taking too much space on the hard drive. Online cinemas and cloud storages do not fully tackle the issue. Duplicate video files make things even more complicated. Effective and easy to use DuplicateClean works with all popular video formats and will help you to find copies. Then, it's totally up to you – rename, move or delete the data that occupies valuable space.

Delete files from Dropbox

Dropbox is a handy and great way of storing various files online and sharing them with other users or sending them to other devices. After a while, what seemed to be an ultra-convenient storage turns into an abysmal data chaos. Eventually, it also needs to be cleaned in order to get rid of duplicate and old files. All you need is to do is to run DuplicateClean. The app will find clone files that piled up in the process of using Dropbox along with out-of-date info and offer to delete it permanently.

Remove duplicates in Aperture

Do you have fun editing photos in Aperture? Due to the specifics of this software, many referenced and clone files are created while it works. A typical result of that is a Mac running slow. Free up disk space and RAM by deleting duplicate images from the Aperture with the help of DuplicateClean. By searching for identical content, regardless of the file name, the app takes grooming of your images library to the completely new level.

Why Do You Need to Delete Duplicates

By regularly getting rid of duplicates, you will:
Free up hard drive space;
Get more RAM available;
Boost Mac’s performance;
Keep your files organized.

DuplicateClean is arguably the best app for Mac that helps you delete all the unwanted clutter. It’s fast, flexible, and easy to use and navigate. Overall, it’s a great tool to organize any types of files, free up disk space and help you Mac work faster. Thanks to its performance and reliability, DuplicateClean will save your valuable time and energy for more important things than looking for duplicates.

How DuplicateClean Duplicate File Deleter Works

eliminate double files

There are two main ways to find and eliminate duplicate file copies on a Mac. In the first instance, you let a designated app do all the messy work and then just pick files that you wish to remove. Or you can use the Terminal command for this purpose. To exploit the latter, you’d better have a good knowledge of how the Terminal operates. And even then, this method is less reliable as Terminal often misses double files; plus, after it none the less detects the copies, one still needs to check each file manually.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of specialized duplicate finders like DuplicateClean. It is easier to use and much more convenient when it comes to locating twin files on Mac. To remove duplicates, the cleaner scans through the system and discovers clone files in places one would never guess to peep into. But how do you know which file is the original and which is just the copy? That’s where DuplicateClean specially developed algorithms get down to work: they distinct the original from a duplicate and suggest to eliminate the latter. As soon as you approve, clones are gone.

To get the job done, it’s necessary to take these simple steps:
Go to Duplicate Finder section in the DuplicateClean dashboard;
Select the area where you wish to look for doubles;
Check out the list of discovered copies, decide which of them should be kept – and delete the rest.

If by any chance you’ve mistakenly eliminated some file, no need to worry: at this point, every deleted file is backed up and can be easily restored. Eventually, you will see that using a special app to clean duplicates from your Mac is the best solution you can apply to keep it flying like new.