If you process piles of text or spreadsheets, you surely need some tools to help you find duplicate lines. In this post, we gathered some apps and online processors that you can use to handle identical content both within one file and across the entire system. Let`s have a look at each of them.

Tools to Find Duplicates

Apps You`ll Love for Sure

Having such apps at handy is always a good idea, especially if you work with texts and complex spreadsheets all the time. You need to make sure that you haven`t written the same line twice or haven`t forgotten to delete a rewritten piece of info. These two apps will make sure you did everything right.

Text Wrangler

This tool lets users edit text and coding. Aside from basic editing options, like line breaks, text filters, hard wrapping, and others, the app also finds duplicate lines across the files and deletes them instantly. Here`s what you should do:

ext Wrangler

In the appearing window, you`ll be asked to adjust the settings (choose duplicates to new documents, clipboard, delete duplicate lines, etc.). The app will find all duplicate lines in the documents and show them in a separate window.

matching lines


This app suits those users who want to find duplicate content across their system. It scans many files for identical lines and finds exact matches. It`s the way easier than opening each file separately, pressing the Command key + F, and typing in the text you want to find/replace. For a more precise search, turn on case-sensitive search. All replace/search terms come highlighted in data display. If you`ve made a mistake, undoing changes is also very easy. How to launch:


Although TextSweep doesn`t target the text within one file, it makes it easy to handle identical content across many text files.

Online Tools that Will Definitely Come in Handy

If you don`t want to install apps on your Mac, here are some online tools you may use remove duplicate lines and to find duplicate content in text.


It`s a cool online tool that checks the entire web page for duplicates and then presents the results in charts. You can see the percentage of duplicate content, common content, and unique texts.


If you want to try this tool, do the following:

For further details, click on Duplicate Content in the Your Duplicate Content section, and you`ll see the exact place of duplicates on the site. That`s a cool feature, especially if you want to keep only unique texts on your web pages.

Text Fixer

This online tool elicits duplicate lines, deletes them, and shows you duplicates-free text.

Here's how you can use this processor:

Text Fixer

In the margin below, you`ll get a new text with duplicates removed

new text with duplicates


This is another terrific online tool that you can use to find same lines in the text. Using it as simple as pie:


Unlike the previous online processors, this one shows the number of identical lines appearing in your text. It`s a perfect way to check Excel or Keynotes spreadsheets but isn`t very suitable for huge pieces of writing.

Simple, Isn`t It?

With these tools, it`s really easy to check your files for duplicate lines. You no longer need to scan it manually. Install an app or go to online service and do it in a couple of clicks. If you don`t want to try it right now, save this post for future. One day, you`ll need it for sure.