Best Pickleball Paddle for beginners

Pickleball Paddle for beginners

There are millions of Pickleballs out there in the market as well as online. But you should choose the best Pickleball depending on your play style. If you are an aggressive player then heavier ones are best suited but if you are a beginner then lightweight is best suited for you. Besides light and heavyweight, you have to see the size, core, material, and much more. Many different companies paddle of different price and quality are available. Some of the best Pickleball paddle for beginners are mentioned below.

Gamma Fusion 2.0

If you are a beginner and looking for the best paddle then Gamma Fusion 2.0 is best suited for you. As it is light in weight and will help you to spin easily. The surface of the paddle will help the player to improve ball spin and control. The paddle is made up of Polymer and can easily handle. The paddle is very affordable and comes up with 12 months of warranty. So if your paddle gets damaged then you can return it.


The upstreet paddle is made up of Polymer and one of the best paddles for people who can handle heavyweight balls. This paddle is not best for players who are used to play with lightweight balls. It comes up with a cover and 12 months of warranty. As the paddle is heavy it can cause a sore shoulder or elbow.

Rally Tyro 2

The Rally Tyro 2 is made up of Polymer and it is light in weight. The Player has given much positive response on the quality and price of the paddle. It has a high grip and also works well for smaller hands. The lightweight of the paddle allows good control of the ball. It comes with a cover and 12 months of warranty.