Dropbox Remove Duplicates: a Few Tricks How to Trash Unnecessary Files

Are you worried about your personal data security and privacy? Then you need to take care of your files on the cloud disks such as Dropbox. Of course, to have everything in one place with a regular access to it is like a gift. You can always check all the data you need from any device (iPad, iPhone etc.) you have, and share it with another person.

Sure, when you upload a file to your Dropbox disk, you realize that information can be endangered. Someone can easily break your account and download your personal files and even steal your identity details. For this reason, many authorities recommend not to save any ID information in your multiple Dropbox folders.

However, sometimes we need this virtual place for sharing and simplifying our work and private life. In this case, you should create a folder for your “top personal files” and remove them from it right after you finish the sharing process to a third party.

Yet, apart from highly important files, we also keep too many unnecessary files in Dropbox. Usually, these are numerous duplicates which contaminate the space of the Dropbox memory. They can also become duplicates on your computer if you downloaded the same photo, song, or video the third time. So, what is the best solution for these issues?

How to delete files from Dropbox?

delete files from Dropbox

In case you want to delete permanently all the undesired files from the Dropbox, then you need to install a special utility on your Mac. This tool takes care of all your temporary files and duplicates.

The reason duplicates appear is that automatic synchronization between devices leads to multiple copies of the same file. Hence, one day you may bump into three versions of the same terrible photo, you’ve been sure to delete.

It will be a waste of your time to clean them manually. Especially if there is a reliable tool that can take care of these issues.

Yet, in case you think that there are no duplicate files in your Dropbox storage because you are very neat about the content of your folders, you’re wrong. If you share some folders and files with your work team, then most likely you have conflicted copies. Anyway, it’s always better to check than to guess.

What is the best solution for the Dropbox duplicates?

First of all, to free up space on your storage you need a tool that has an elaborated scanning algorithm. It should find duplicates even if their file names are different. Basically, you need both a duplicate finder and a cleaner.

The DuplicateClean tool works almost as a smart detective scanning all your folders and eliminating all duplicate files. It can even find those files that aren’t identical. For instance, when you make a dozen of selfies from the same angle and with the same quality, the program can detect them and recommend you to remove all the duplicates from the Dropbox storage. Right, the tool doesn’t automatically remove files without your permission.

This tool also finds those similar photo files that you have enhanced before. It means that even if you’ve uploaded an edited duplicate (cropped, flipped, resized etc.), the program will also capture it.

Regarding your music (not only duplicate songs in iTunes) and other media files, Duplicate Clean is as good with them. Thus, if a friend shared you a song (e.g. with different file name) that you already have in one of your folders, it will be identified as a duplicate. The smart algorithm of this program focuses both on the tags of the file and its content.

How to make synchronization less painful?

Duplicate files in Dropbox storage

The worst thing about synchronization is that your cloud storage eventually becomes the total trash of duplicates. You frequently meet similar files and it irritates you even more. So, to make automatic synchronization less painful, you should choose selective synchronization for a number of files that are necessary to access on all devices. This will significantly save space in your Dropbox storage allowing you to spend less time on searching of duplicated files. What’s more, to finally close the issue, you can launch DuplicateClean that detects all the old files and prevents the appearance of new ones.

What is the biggest benefit you get?

Using an automatic tool for cleaning all the duplicates, you can considerably save your time. You shouldn’t think of it as your duty to remove the trash in your cloud storage. It’s not your room or kitchen that you have to clean up regularly. The digital world is evolving and new startups appear each day. Young minds discover new ways how to simplify your life. Duplicate Clean is one of such things. It works like a finder and a cleaner with the human mind.

Compare how much time it will take you to clean all the duplicates yourself and assign a program for that. With this tool, you’ll free the cloud storage in less than a few seconds. However, doing it on your own you can spend from days to weeks examining all the storage folders and comparing them with others.

It’s wiser to choose automatic cleaning tool that can perform as good as a human. Besides, this isn’t a one-time tool because when you use the storage daily, a number of duplicated files only grows. And who has enough time to check and clean Dropbox every single day? Usually, no one does it.

Therefore, if you value your time and efforts you should entrust some routine tasks to the program that can guarantee you the best result.