How to Remove Duplicate Music Files with Two Clicks and Save your Favorites?

Music is all around us. It accompanies people on the road and at work. It helps to overcome the boredom of daily repeated activities. There are some psychological evidence that music sounds positively affect our lives helping to reduce stress factors, increase productivity, and regain focus of a wandering mind.
Our music tastes are changing all the time. You might have noticed how one song can stuck in your mind and doesn’t leave until you learn all its lines by heart. Even if you don’t like the melody you will continue humming it all day long. Scientists call it “the brain itch” when your brain is trying to fill in the gaps in the puzzle of a rhythm.

I have a friend who constantly suffers from the mentioned symptom, especially if it’s a popular simple melody. The only way to get rid of that itching became the numerous repetitions of a song. So, what he does is turning on his music player and listening to the same song through the whole day. He says it’s important to listen but not to repeat it because then it can retain in your head for weeks. And after hundreds of repetitions, a melody turns into the noise and your brain treats it no longer as a rhythm with gaps.

However, when we actually like a song, we can even download it more than once to all the devices. Luckily, it doesn’t lead to the same brain itch but usually to the duplicated music files.

What music cleaner Mac should you choose?

There are dozens of music duplicate cleaner tools to free your Mac from similar files. What I offer you to do is to first compare their main features and choose the one that meets all your requirements. Test its free version and in case you find it easy and comfortable to use then you’ve already made your choice.

cleaning of music library

How do music duplicates appear?

The reason music duplicates may appear is that you can have a shared music library for all your devices. It means that file you downloaded from the phone could also appear on your laptop because you simply forgot about downloading a song.

On the other hand, you might have intentionally duplicated identical song so that it frequently repeated in your playlist.

How to remove duplicate music files?

If you need to get rid of repeated songs in your music library, it doesn’t mean you should waste an hour for the manual cleaning. There is a special program that allows removing any double music files you have.

It has an elaborated algorithm that detects similar songs by their sound content and not the names of the files or other frequently repeated patterns like size, duration etc.

Such a finder allows you to choose a particular mode of scanning: deep or fast. So, in case you want to check a particular folder for duplicates and have no time for the deep searching you are able do it in one simple click. Moreover, you can achieve the best results of cleaning your hard drive for free.

On the other hand, if you want to conduct an overall revision of all your files, then deep scanning is what your computer needs at the moment.

Duplicate music file finder Mac version can deal with different formats like MP3, MP4, FLAC, WMA, ASF, MPC etc.

Three reasons why you need to delete music duplicates?

Get rid of repeated songs

  • It gives more space on your Mac and other devices.

The main difference between manual and automatic cleaning is that you have an opportunity to clear the space on your hard drive in less than a minute. But the main benefit is that you can increase the productivity of your computer. I know a few people who fancy cleaning of their music libraries by themselves, especially removing the same files in it.

  • It doesn’t irritate you every time you come across the same song.

Some songs can make us crazy about their rhythm and melody. It urges us to download the same composition for many times. Yet in a week or two, it can appear that you are just bored about that particular song. Unfortunately, you can’t remember how many copies of the song you’ve downloaded already. So, you have two possible solutions: either to come across the same song and cope with its annoyance or make an automatic cleaning with the help of a special tool that deletes all similar files. This is another reason why you should keep your nerves from useless duplications.

  • It saves your time on manual cleaning.

The manual cleaning of your music library could take you more than a week if you can boast with a variety of favorite genres. Especially if the files have different names but are the same. In this case, you will have to open each music file in a number of folders. Sure, it can take you months to finish the cleaning. The best solution is to choose a perfect tool for automatic search and removal.

More than just a music duplicate cleaner

If you don’t want to duplicate apps that remove different types of files, then you need one program that has universal features. It should help you eliminate the same, documents, photos and duplicate video files. Therefore, before you choose an app, read about its technical features and how you can use it with the best efficiency for your Mac and other devices.