How to Quickly Remove Duplicate Music Files: Best Time-Saving Practices?

Music lovers often suffer from the lack of space on their devices. It happens because they save many files and, in addition, create their copies by accident. If you need to get rid of the repeated songs in the music library, it doesn’t mean you should waste hours on manual cleaning. Think about using one of the best cleaning applications that allow removing duplicate music files.

In addition to conventional methods of detecting the same items by common patterns like name, size or duration, Duplicate Music Files Finder has an elaborated algorithm for analyzing similar songs by their sound content. This smart scanning allows not to miss a thing!

Many other cleaning applications offer a single scanning mode, and it may take a while to check the system for duplicates. Our tool makes it possible to reduce the scanning time. If a user has no time and desire to check the entire system knowing there are not many duplicate items, he or she can skip the long, deep scanning in favor of a fast one. It checks only what’s on the surface. Though, even this mode is enough to reclaim plenty of free space! In a simple click, a Mac owner may achieve the best results cleaning the hard drive for free.

Both options are free of charge! If you want to conduct an overall revision of entire content, a deep scanning is what your computer needs at the moment.

Duplicate music file finder Mac version can deal with different formats: MP3, MP4, FLAC, WMA, ASF, MPC, etc.

If you are the one who likes interesting scientific facts and statistics, dedicate some time to reading the next section. It explains the music addiction some people have. Thus, it explains why many Apple users have problems when it comes to the amount of free space necessary to let their devices function properly. They are so afraid to delete an important song they often refuse to clean their drives. The rest of the article will explain how Duplicate Music Finder can help to solve this problem without any sacrifices.

Music Duplicates and Music Addiction?

Music is all around us. It accompanies people on the road and at work and helps to overcome the boredom of routine activities. There is psychological evidence that music sounds positively affect our lives helping to reduce stress factors, increase productivity, and regain focus of a wandering mind.

cleaning of music library

Our music tastes are changing all the time. You might have noticed how one song can get stuck in your mind until you learn its lines by heart. Even if you don’t like the melody, you continue humming it all day long. Scientists call it “the brain itch” (the brain is trying to fill in the gaps in the puzzle of a rhythm).

I have a friend who constantly suffers from the mentioned symptom, especially if it’s a simple popular melody. The only way to get rid of that itching became the numerous repetitions of a song. What he does is turning on his iPod and listening to the same song through the whole day. He says it’s important to listen but not to repeat it because then it can retain in your head for weeks. What if the device clones the song? People can copy the same track several times to ensure its presence. After hundreds of repetitions, a melody turns into the noise, and your brain treats it no longer as a rhythm with gaps.

Reasons Why Music Duplicates Appear?

The reason music duplicates may appear is having a shared music library for all personal devices. It means that the same file you downloaded from the phone could appear on the laptop because you simply forgot about downloading a song.

find dulicate songs

On the other hand, you might have intentionally duplicated the same song to have it repeated in a playlist.

Are you still hesitating whether detecting and removing duplicate items is a good idea? Look at three reasons why you need to delete music duplicates using third-party software like Duplicate Music Files Finder.

Are you still hesitating whether detecting and removing duplicate items is a good idea? Look at three reasons why you need to delete music duplicates using third-party software like Duplicate Music Files Finder.

  1. It guarantees more space on Mac and other devices

The main difference between manual and automatic cleaning is that you can clear the space in less than a minute. The main benefit is that you can increase the productivity of your computer. I know a few people who fancy-clean their music libraries by themselves, especially removing the same files in it.

  1. It doesn’t irritate you every time you come across the same song

Some songs can make us crazy about their rhythm and melody. It urges us to download the same composition several times. Yet, in a week or two, you may be sick and tired of the particular song. Unfortunately, you can’t remember how many copies of the song you’ve downloaded and where they went. The songs could be saved to several different locations. Mind two possible solutions: either come across the same song and cope with its annoyance or perform an automatic cleaning with the help of a special tool that deletes all similar files. It is another reason why you should keep your nerves from useless duplications.

  1. It saves your time on manual cleaning

The manual cleaning of your music library could take you more than a week if you can boast a variety of favorite genres. The procedure is especially time-consuming if the files have different names but are the same. A user will have to open each music file in a number of folders. It can take you months to finish the cleaning! The best solution is to choose a perfect tool for automatic search and removal, but you can also try some of the manual methods to find out how boring they are.

Although manual cleaning is a harsh process that you can avoid, look at the ways to remove dupes from Mac with the help of built-in utilities.

Manual Methods to Eliminate Duplicates on Mac?

Apple has special features set by default that can take care of the device’s maintenance without forcing a user to pay something. However, it is important to have some Mac-related experience to apply such tools properly.

It is possible to reduce the amount of time spent on the process of detecting clones by searching in three particular locations. Those are:

  1. Photos library;
  2. Mail Downloads;
  3. Downloads folder.

Still, it may take a while to scan each of these folders. It depends on the number of items you have on your hard drive. To start the process of manual search, take the following steps:

  1. Launch Finder.
  2. Move to the Apple Menu to open File and New Smart Folder.
  3. Press the plus button in a top-right corner of the window. It is necessary to specify the Search features: Date, Name, File type, Category, etc.
  4. Choose Other to discover more opportunities.

To make the process quicker, the search criteria should be as narrow as possible. Let’s say you are sure that most of the copies have the resolution .mp3. Specify this parameter in Other (advanced options). Start searching for the longest audio tracks first.

One more way is to apply Terminal. This utility is for the experienced users who know how to avoid the smallest typos that could lead to the serious troubles. To start detecting and erasing dupes with the help of Terminal, begin with a subdirectory where you wish to find all the clones. Copy and insert the offered command the way it appears:

find . size +20 ! -type d -exec cksum {} ";" | sort | tee ./f.tmp | cut -f 1,2 -d ' ' | uniq –d.

Now, you can see the f.tmp file in the chosen folder inside tmp folder. It will have the files links and their md5 value. The list is categorized to make it simpler. Look at the values of initial 2 columns to learn the amount of duplicates. The next command will help to define the dupes only:

cut -f 1,2 -d ' ' f.tmp | uniq | grep -v  -f f.tmp > dup.txt.

This time, you can find the clones in the dup.txt files. Open them and delete using Nano Editor.

The Principles of Choosing Music Cleaner for Mac

Get rid of repeated songs

Dozens of music duplicate cleaning tools to release your Mac from the identical MP3 files exist. How in the world should a Mac owner choose the best scanning and removal software? The competition is high, but here is how to make a right choice. Start by comparing the main features of several top-recommended duplicate detectors and pick the one that meets your requirements. Test a free version in case the app is not free of charge. A user should find it easy and comfortable to use to make a good choice.

As for Duplicate Music Files Finder, it is more than just a music duplicate cleaner. Thanks to its universal features, the app will help to eliminate the same video files, documents, photos, etc. Read more about its technical features and how you can use them with the best efficiency for your Mac and other devices. This way, you will benefit from using all opportunities offered by this smart cleaner!

If you don’t want to duplicate apps that remove different types of files, then you need one program that has universal features. It should help you eliminate the same, documents, photos and duplicate video files. Therefore, before you choose an app, read about its technical features and how you can use it with the best efficiency for your Mac and other devices.