Duplicate picture finder – the best way to check the duplicates and eliminate them on your mac

It is quite a usual thing to have dozens of duplicate photos on the machine. And when the number of duplicates exceeds several thousand removing the pictures manually can be very irritating. Want to get rid of all photocopies with several clicks? Here is the solution. With the powerful duplicate photo cleaner, you will no longer need to waste your precious time on manual clean up. Let us find out the pros cons of this application.

delete copies of Mac pictures

Removing duplicate photos on mac – it has never been so easy.

Today the application stores offer hundreds of products that do the similar things; in our case, they delete the copies of pictures. However, finding the right software among all these “mess” cannot be the easiest task. We make up a list of problems you may encounter while using other apps.

  1. Do not rely only on free versions, in the vast majority of cases such freemium apps are extremely limited or even have just an imitation of a scanning process.
  2. Some duplicate picture cleaners can delete some images without your approval or even remove the photos that have not any duplicates.
  3. Other applications have not any interface hints and explanation of the scanning modes. Sometimes they just find the duplicates according to the filename, which can be irrelevant for the user.
  4. Some copy photo cleaner software has a complex interface and completely not user-friendly, so you have to spend much time in learning how to work with it and remove duplicate photos from Mac.
  5. Different applications have different speed of searching: it can be an unpleasant surprise that some of them too slow and can take you several hours to delete duplicates when dealing with a great amount of photos.
  6. Not all duplicate photo scanning programs support all images extensions;
  7. In addition, additional hint: try to choose the software that supports instant preview for duplicate files as you will be able not to delete the useful files.

The best program to delete duplicate photos on mac

Owing to integrated MD5 value checksum algorithm the app can accurately find and delete all annoying duplicates in several minutes. It is both powerful and easy-to-use for use especially for those users who have albums and photos not in one specific directory but all over the mac.

However, it is not only the cleaning tool but also a cool way to manage all your images.

The advantages of this app are following:

  • Supports Mac OS X 10.5 and newer versions;
  • Has built-in preview function of the duplicate files;
  • Offers three scanning methods and several filters for accurate search of the copies;
  • Displays all the information about picture as capture date, location, camera model and file extension;
  • Supports real-time scanning results;
  • In addition, it scans the databases of the Apple applications such as iPhotos and iTunes. It’s possible to remove duplicates from Aperture as well.
  • Has relatively low price for a whole life using license;
  • Support “Safe deletion” option, which allows to set delete duplicates in trash or to delete completely.

Advanced options of the application.

Some of the advanced options are available after the purchasing the license. Here is the table of the commands for various pricing plans.

Free (a light version for a single or rare usage) Once paid lifetime license Price 29.99 $
Allows to scan up to 3 folders Unlimited amount of folders
Supports only JPEG and BMP extensions. “Scan all files”* option unavailable. “Scan all files” option active.
“Remove settings from registry”** option locked “Remove settings from registry” option available
Scans filtering*** available Scans filtering*** available
Normal scanning speed Extra scanning speed

*This option unlocks CRC scanning the graphic files of all popular image formats as PNG, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, CGM and SVG.

** If the user is running the application, flash drive on someone’s computer, this option will allow removing all associated registry entries when the app is closed, leaving no trace of it ever have been run on the computer.

*** Without scanning filters the program sometimes can select the image as the duplicate when the user want to keep it and at the same time, it saves the file that should be deleted. With this option, you will be able to insert custom tags, which will indicate the files with such values have to be removed. Please note that active scan filtering option always mildly slows down the program’s execution.

The other features available in both versions:

  • Quick search;
  • Exclusion list (create a list of certain folders to ensure they will never be scanned).
  • Size filtering (set up the filter with estimates file size)
  • MacOS Sierra Support (Compatible with MacOS Sierra).

How to find and delete Mac duplicate photos – a small tutorial

manage the images on Mac

  1. Download Duplicate picture finder on Apple computer and launch it. No installation needed.
  2. Select the relevant folder or group of folders in appearing window or just drag and drop them to the scanning area. After that click, the button «Scan» and the program will start a deep search of the duplicates on your Mac. Please note, that you can stop the scanning whenever you want.
  3. When the scanning complete the result will be presented in tab view. You can delete the found objects to free up space on your computer. If you want to delete all scanned images – choose option “Select all” and press delete button.

As you see the duplicate images cleaner has a lot of advantages. It will quickly and thoroughly declutter your local and cloud graphic files. Make your Mac faster, well organized and free of annoying copies!

Extremely fast, amazingly accurate, simple to use and friendly photo duplicates remover.

What people are saying

“Worst rows with my husband happened over keeping his photos collection intact. We’re sharing the same picture library, and whenever I added something, the laptop became terribly slow afterwards. Now I know that duplicates caused it. Today I can add whatever new photo I want, then run DuplicateClean, and everything works great. Highly recommended to everyone”

- Lisa, 28painter and homemaker

“All my 47 albums are now in the same place, perfectly tagged! DuplicateClean is the best! Download it, use it! Install it for your Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, get Mac OS running on your old copy machine and install DuplicateClean there, too! Thanks for your service!”

- Jason, 37 computer programmer