A Secure Duplicate Video Finder For Your Media Collection

Do you remember a day at least without watching a video? If not, then you should have your own cherished media collection. Of course, nowadays people spend more time watching video online. The recent YouTube statistics prove this with one billion hours of video content consumed each day.
Yet, an average person’s media library is cluttered not only with the downloaded funny panda videos but with those they shoot themselves. The same 2017 YouTube survey reports about 300 hours of video content users upload per minute. This became especially popular among social media users when Instagram stories appeared.

So, how does all this influence your Mac’s productivity? First of all, when you shoot a video for further publishing, you may generate a few copies. Even if you aren’t a pro video maker but you still want your post to engage a particular audience. Hence, you can change some patterns in it. For instance, you decide to add some effects like altering the original color with gradient or sepia. Or you want to add a text message, making some titles or accompanying statements.
duplicate video cleaner

Therefore, you can create a few versions of the same video. Then you just leave it in one of the folders and forget about it for a couple of months or years. Of course, there can be other reasons why you actually need to use a good duplicate media finder.

  • You download the same video twice by mistake.
  • You have an automatic synchronization between all your Apple devices and a similar video file can be downloaded to another folder.
  • You often download once uploaded videos from the Cloud folders because you can’t find it in the library fast.

How to remove duplicate video files?

There are two ways how to solve an issue of cramming your hard drive with duplicates. The first is to manually find all video duplicates by the same name or size and then delete them.

Yet, if you have a large library that you haven’t cleaned for a few years or you need to delete files from dropbox, then it can take you from days to even months to finally complete their elimination. This isn’t an exaggeration because I really tried to do it and I had to quit this routine process because in a couple of days it makes you just crazy.

Why you shouldn’t find and delete duplicates manually

First of all, you waste too much time for the work which can be done in less than minutes. I rather doubt that a new generation of Mac users spend their free time for the useless removal of video duplicates.

For them, it is simpler and easier to visit the Apple Store and download a particular app which automatically trashes not only video duplicates but also other types of files. Moreover, it will take a half of the time to download a particular app. Then understand how it works and try out its main tools than clear the whole mess of duplicates by yourself.

To show you a real picture of such a manual cleaning, you should see the process like it is.

Steps you make to remove video duplicates without a special app

  1. You look through the whole medial library folders.
  2. You single out those videos that are duplicated.
  3. You check whether you need such a duplicated file or not.
  4. You delete the file and check videos with unclear names like “2” or “39pYwhe75#$” etc.
  5. You sort through other types of media files that aren’t divided into folders.
  6. You spend some time for the altered videos you’ve published in your social media profiles.

Steps you make to remove video duplicates with a special app

  1. You choose an app Duplicate Video Finder to download.
  2. You open it and choose a mode of scanning.
  3. After scanning (that usually takes minutes to complete) you decide whether to delete the found duplicates or not.

Basically, these are all steps you are required to make when you use an app. Its automatic algorithm has amazing smart features to successfully fulfill this work:

  • It is based on the binary comparison algorithm.
  • It finds duplicate music, video, photo or document files irrespective of their size, name or location on your hard drive.
  • Although this utility is totally automatic and has such a smart algorithm, it does not remove duplicates of any files until you confirm this action.
  • In case you have little time to check on the results of scanning, the tool will create a special folder for the found duplicates. They will wait for your return and your decision to clean them out.
  • There are many types of video files the Finder can detect in different folders of your Mac: .mp4, .mpg, mp3, .wmv, .wma, .avi, .swf, .vob, .mid, .aac, .3gp, .mpa, .rm, .asx, .aif, and many others.
  • You can always stop scanning for duplicates if you have no time to continue.

Considering all the benefits of such a tool as a video duplicate finder, you can finally increase the efficiency of your Mac removing all the junk video files. This can also help you add up more space to your internal memory. By the way, it can also save you some money because you won’t have to purchase any external disks to save important files.