Repeated entries is always a pain for every user, especially when it comes to duplicated contacts or mail downloads. The copies of contacts strike your Mac after you sync Gmail, iCloud, or Outlook accounts with Apple Contacts app.

Duplicates in Mail Attachments

The copies of mail downloads appear on Mac without you knowing about it, and there`s no way to prevent it somehow. So, when it comes to these copies, all you can do is to empty the folder where they are located. It`s easy, and we`ll show you how. Also, in this post, we`ll give you some tips on how to handle duplicates in Contacts. Believe us, both procedures are simple!

Here Is What You Can Do to Handle Duplicates in Contacts

There are two ways how you can find and handle duplicates across your contacts. Let`s take a closer look at each scenario.

Automatic Functions Save You a Plenty of Time!

You can find duplicates via Contacts. It`s a default app that comes with your macOS for free. Here`s what you have to do:

Look for Duplicates

When you do it, Contacts app will start scanning your contacts library and as a result, show you contacts that it thinks are duplicates. Then, it suggests you merge the duplicate contacts. If you agree, it combines information that is inconsistent between the duplicate contacts. The merge may take some time depending on how fast your Mac is, how many duplicate your contacts database has, and how many duplicates have been detected.

Though automatic merge is good and handy, it`s not perfect. It may mark two people with the same names as duplicate contacts. Or it may merge two contact cards for the same person, while you want to keep them separate. To avoid frustrating losses, back up your contacts database before you enable automatic merge.

Don`t Trust Automatic Functions? Let`s Try to Do It Manually!

If you`ve read the previous part and decided the automatic merge is a too risky procedure, try finding duplicate contacts manually. To do it:

Merge Selected Cards

Link Duplicate Contacts Between Accounts

If you need to handle duplicate contacts across your accounts, this tip is for you. It sometimes happens that the same contact appears in both your iCloud and Google accounts, and you need to keep it. If such case, you`ll see two identical entries once clicking on All Contacts in the sidebar. To get rid of a duplicate contact, click on the two and choose ‘Link Selected Cards’ from the popup window in the menu bar. You`re done: only one card will appear in the ‘All Contacts’ list while all the original info will remain accessible. A new file of combined cards will appear in Contacts. So, you`ll always know which contacts you`ve linked.

Just in Case You Want to Learn More

If you want to handle duplicate contacts in your single and multiple accounts, we recommend you to clear up and merge your accounts first. It`ll help you to have a unified and neatly arranged contacts database on your Mac.

Let`s Move On to Duplicate Mail Downloads

When someone emails you an attachment, you click to look at it. If you need this document, you download it to your Mac. At this point, it doesn't sound like you have created any duplicate, but it isn`t so. The Mail automatically downloads the attachment the moment you open it and keeps it in its own downloads folder. At the same time, in the regular Downloads folder, you see only what you`ve downloaded. To see what the Mail app automatically downloads, do the following:

Go to Folder

In the folder you access, there`s no need to compare the files with those you have in the Downloads folder. All this content is just local copies of mail attachments opened on your Mac. The Mail app downloads them so that enclosures can open faster. You don`t need these files. So, simply empty the entire folder.

That's It, You're Done!

Now you know that there`re many duplicates on your Mac that go unnoticed. But most importantly, you've learned how to handle them with ease. Find out how to remove duplicate video files as well. Hope, you`ll remember these tips, but if not, it`s better to save the post. Bet, all these guides will come in handy if you love neatly arranged contacts and duplicates free Mac.