Duplicate Clean FAQ

What can your Duplicate Clean tool do?

This is a tool that helps to get rid of duplicate files from your Mac libraries of photos, music, videos, and documents. It functions as a finder and a cleaner at the same time. The tool is built on a smart recognition algorithm. It means that the tool detects similar files and folders, irrespective of their names, location, size, and other common features. It has an advanced comparison function. The program focuses more on the content part. It opens potential duplicate files almost like a human and looks for any similarities.

How do I know that a program doesn’t remove important files?

Duplicate Clean is a truly smart tool because if detects duplicates exceptionally. Yet, any user can choose between two modes of cleaning. The first mode is when the program comes to the stage of finishing the checkup and forms a separate folder for all the found duplicates. Then you can see the results of scanning deciding what to do with them. The second mode predetermines an automatic cleaning of all the found duplicates. However, we recommend choosing the first mode of scanning so that you could be sure that no important files are lost.

What kinds of similarities does Duplicate Clean find?

There are three types of files that take the most of the space on your Mac – audio, video, and photo. Sometimes we just forget we have the same song or video and download it the fifth time not even knowing about it. Yet, Duplicate Clean can find and remove duplicates of all your libraries. So, if you need to clean duplicates in your Image Library, here are the essential formats, you can trash: JPG, PNG, GIF, RAW, PSD, BMP, TIFF etc. Regarding video duplicates, you can be sure that the tool sees such formats: MP4, MPG, MP3, AVI, WMA, WMV, AAC, SWF, VOB, MID, 3GP, MPA, RM, ASX, AIF. Also, there are particular audio files that our algorithm easily detects: MP3, MP4, FLAC, WMA, ASF, MPC etc.

Does it find images with slight changes?

You can rotate, resize, flip, crop, add effects, or text to your images. You can have as many versions of the same photo, but it will be still found by Duplicate Clean and offered for you to delete. Even the slightest change in a photo saved under the different name and in a different folder on your Mac will be marked as a duplicate. Furthermore, you can always customize the similarity feature to your own expectations and needs. For instance, you can remove such tags as resolution or aspect ratio or add other tags that match to your main criteria.

What advanced search options of Duplicate Clean can I also use?

Being a smart tool for duplicate removal, it has a full range of advanced search functions. For instance, Duplicate Clean allows to finally get rid of duplicate files in your zip folders. Usually, when we unzip a particular folder we get straight to a particular file. Then we forget about it in our Download folder. Yet, it is still there and takes some space which decreases the performance of your computer. So, cleaning out zip folders is one of the most useful features you can have. Apart from this benefit, you can also exclude or include files with hard links, empty files called “zero files” or NTFS Mountpoints and Junctions.

What are the basic file filters that I can customize?

There are three such filters built in the program. These are the file name, there you can apply particular exclusions such as extension or even the whole folder name. Another is the size filter which is also customized by the minimum and maximum size of the file. You can choose the type of the size units such as BYTES, MB, KB, TB or GB. The last basic filter is the date of the file. Usually, users choose an option “all period”. However, they can always set a particular period “from…to”.

How much time do I need to learn the main functions of the program?

The interface of the tool is simple and easy to handle even if you are an inexperienced user. You don’t need special technical skills to apply particular filters because the program will provide you with little hints so it would be easier for you to adjust.