Wondering how to delete duplicate songs in iTunes? Don’t worry, DuplicateClean will help you!

With DuplicateClean you’ll find out how to eliminate all this song organizing and deleting hassle from your life once and for all.

Duplicates and copies of music files tend to accumulate easily. One uploaded recording of a new live show by your favorite band – and now you need to deal with its copy, too. Afterwards you usually find out that you also have to get rid of the numerous “Unknown Artist/Unknown Album” files yet again.

This is very frustrating and if you’re trying to solve the problem by manually removing one song after another, it is a waste of time. And if you ignore the problem, it is a waste of precious space on your hard drive – a pressing problem for older laptops and ultra-thin SSD-operated Airs with increased horsepower, but limited storage capacity.Remove the double songs in iTunes

Why does iTunes duplicate files in the first place?

Each song file has a number of unique characteristics that iTunes uses to sort and classify music tracks. The media library itself also has certain parameters that can be setup in a less than optimal way and yield unwanted results during synchronization.

Duplicates and missing tags can creep up on your songs for a number of reasons:

  • adding unsorted music collections in several folders that already contain copies;
  • iTunes synchronization settings that state: “copy files when adding to library”;
  • track(s) format is not supported and it needs to be converted;
  • indexing music that is properly named, but isn’t properly tagged.

As a result, copies quickly fill up your hard drive and it leaves you wondering how to find iTunes duplicate songs and remove the unnecessary files without leaving your library of music and other media files in a total disarray.

What do I need to do to keep my music organized?

You need to use special software to remove duplicates from iTunes. The old ways to clean up and mass delete duplicates from iTunes was through using command line scripts. This tool quickly became obsolete and you don’t need to become an amateur coder to remove the double songs.

Today “there is an app for that”. However, deleting the music files that iTunes copied without your permission is allowing the cleaning app to access and mess with your file system and, potentially, your sensitive private information. Macs are well – but not 100% – protected against possible malware – so it matters a lot what software you use, and if it’s trustworthy.find duplicate songs in iTunes

Can I trust DuplicateClean iTunes cleaner to really solve all my problems with song copies and missing tags? Why you?

Yes, and it can do much more than that. DuplicateClean is a very cool and powerful music library organizer app. We created it to address our own issue of fitting all the Bob Dylan reissue albums on a single hard drive in perfect order – and we’re only half joking here. The best app is not the most expensive one, it’s the one created out of desire to solve a real problem. Find more information about how to delete duplicate items from iTunes library. We’ve solved our music duplicates problem with DuplicateClean – and since we love it, we’ve set it free – to be used by anyone in the world!

There is even more to it!

Besides being able to sort through your storage to find and erase all the unwanted duplicates of your favorite tunes, DuplicateClean can:

Auto tag songs with missing info according to a template;
Request audio tags, album cover art and CDDA info from the Internet;
Find and remove duplicate playlists;
Check for unindexed duplicates on your external media devices (that use iTunes);
Export your custom playlists in formats compatible with other audio players;
Convert Cyrillic tags to transliterated Latin tags – no more hieroglyphs instead of song titles (unless we’re speaking about Simplified Chinese, Thai and a dozen of other hieroglyphic languages – those are totally supported!);
Convert lossless audio to lossy with or without preserving the original tracks.

Just enjoy the music, and we’ll take care of everything else!

What people are saying

OMG, DuplicateClean has totally given me back my weekends! I used to spend hours and hours of my days off organizing the college music library and cleaning up duplicates preparing for the week ahead. Everyone uses the same computer and the sound files were a huge mess. Now I spend around 1 hour on Sunday and get my whole programming done! Thanks a lot!””

- Jeff, 23UCLA College Radio Station DJ

“Digital audio can never match the warm tone of the analog, but lossless formats are at least bearable to listen to. However, I cannot take my whole 15Tb music library with me for a morning run. DuplicateClean helps me create lossy copies I can listen to on my iPod during workouts and it also keeps the originals intact. Great functionality and interface – even a non-technical person like me could easily master it”

- Emma, 28 painter and homemaker

“Thanks to DuplicateClean my vast collection of Eastern European music CDs kept the original titles in transliteration after grabbing. Whenever I tried other apps that claim to have similar functionality, I got something not unlike Martian cuneiform in lieu of song titles and artist names. Sticking with DuplicateClean since the day I tried it. Hvala vam puno! Dziękuję!”

- David, 54 banker, hi-end audio enthusiast