Managing several contact lists on your Mac, iPhone, Windows PC, and Android smartphone is not an easy task. Even though Google Contacts with its occasional sync bugs and duplicated contacts isn’t perfect, we still love its simplicity and effectiveness. Many devoted Apple users also choose their contacts list to be managed by Google Contacts.

Sync Contacts

Syncing macOS contacts with your Google contacts is a wise thing to do. Besides, from now on, any information about changing, adding or deleting contacts on Google will be instantly copied to Apple contacts.

In this article, you’ll get to know how to easily and quickly sync your Google and Mac contacts, as well as how to avoid or delete any duplicated contacts that may appear in your address book during this process.

Syncing macOS contacts with Google contacts

In case you don’t use any other Google services such as Gmail, on your Mac computer, and all you want is to copy Google contacts into macOS Contacts app, follow these steps:

Syncing contacts if you use Gmail

In case you already use Google services on your Mac such as Gmail, the process of syncing contacts will go much faster and easier:

That’s it. Now your Apple and Google contacts will be synced automatically.

As another option, you can download a specific app (such as Contacts Sync) that will help you to carry out the process of syncing contacts in no time.

Dealing with the duplicate contacts after syncing

However, synchronizing Google and Apple contacts may not always go that smoothly. Duplicated contacts that may appear after the syncing process is finished are a common problem. Here’s how you can delete duplicates if they appeared on your contacts list.

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If you use Gmail, the advantage you can enjoy is that it can find any duplicated contacts and merge them. The merging has to be done through Gmail because Apple Contacts can’t do this.

Possibly, syncing between Apple and Gmail contacts with merging them as the next step may have to be done several times, to consolidate all of the duplicate contacts.

As an option, you can remove all the duplicates manually. The latest versions of macOS make merging in Contacts possible.

We hope that this post will help you to sync and manage all your contacts on Mac and Google without any extra effort.