Music plays an important part in our life; it reflects our interests and may correspond to our mood. A lot of people want to keep all of their favorite songs on their mobile devices and to be able to listen to them anytime. Apple brings music closer to the users with iTunes. It is a smart and easy way to store thousands of tracks, organize and be able to access them at any given moment.

remove itunes duplicates

However, with time you may notice that your iTunes manager contains a lot of duplicates. If your music list numbers as many as hundreds or even thousands of tracks, you may have a hard time trying to sort out all of them and brush out the duplicates.

If you are wondering how to delete duplicate songs in iTunes easily and keep your iTunes library clean and organized, this guide is here to help you.

iTunes has improved over the recent years drastically, becoming a truly virtuous music manager – handy, fast, exciting to use, and tidy. But in spite of all major improvements, the problem of duplicate songs still exists. Sometimes a user can find multiple copies of the same track in their iTunes, or even the entire album copied twice. Duplicate songs can be really annoying because they only waste space and make the search more complicated. That’s why it is worth knowing the way to get rid of the duplicate music files in your iTunes, as well as how to prevent iTunes from creating new copies.

How do I find and delete duplicate music files from my iTunes?

Show Duplicates option

It became harder to find the duplicate file in the new iTunes12. In the previous version, one could detect them through the View – Show Duplicates option. Here’s how you do it now:

Now you can see only duplicated files on your iTunes, in particular – copies of the same Songs and same Artists. Although, if you have, for example, both live and studio version of the same song, now you may see its several versions from various albums.

Now, look through the list of the duplicates and remove those that you don’t need. To do it, highlight a particular file and press Delete button on your keyboard (or click Edit – Delete in the menu). Next, select Move To Trash. Also, you have an option Keep File. In this case, a duplicate track will be deleted from your iTunes but kept on the hard drive. Such option helps to thin out the iTunes list but doesn’t free up any space on your Mac.

files on iTunes

Once you’ve finished deleting duplicates, click ‘Done’ in the upper right corner of the screen. Now, you should be able to return to the usual view of the iTunes Library, hopefully – without any duplicated songs.

How do I prevent iTunes 12 from creating duplicated files?

To stop iTunes from importing duplicated tracks, you should drag and drop audio files into the iTunes Library (hold the Option key down while you are dragging the file). Now, you won’t have to adjust anything.

Yet, to be on the safe side, you can make sure that iTunes is managing your audio tracks correctly.

Now, your iTunes audio files will be kept organized, without any duplicates.