Why Are So Many People Taking Up Vaping?

Most people do vape because it is easier to do as compared to cigarettes. Cigarette also has much harmful effect on both physical and dental health. Vaping has become famous and popular among teens and adults over the past few years.

Most people use vaping to quit smoking and some of them use it as a hobby. It’s not like that vaping does not have any side effects it also has plenty of side effects but they are not as harmful as cigarettes are. If you are a traveller you can use the portable vaping device that can easily slip into your pocket and you can take a few sips of it and put it back in your pocket.

For home you can use desktop vapes they are large with an external battery and provide better functionality. You can do vape anywhere in public places even where tobacco smoking is prohibited because vapes do not contain tobacco they contain nicotine.

Most people consider vaping a cool thing to do and you may have seen many people in parks and public occasions even celebrities doing vaping. Some of the main reasons why people taking vapes are mentioned below.

Quit Smoking:

Most people start taking vapes because they want to get rid of smoking and want to quit smoking permanently. Smoking contains tobacco and it is very harmful to dental health and can cause oral cancer.

On the other hand, vaping contains nicotine that is not as harmful to health as tobacco is. You can even control the level of nicotine and adjust it according to your choice.

The most interesting fact is that vaping also has a temperature control setting which you cannot find in cigarettes. You can adjust the temperature of the vaping device to low to inhale fewer chemicals. Vaping is preferred over smoking in public places as well.

It is considered passive smoking in terms of smell and smoke. It does not have a smell like cigarettes and you can take vapes while sitting between groups of people.

E-cigs Are Safer Than Cigarettes:

Cigarettes contain tobacco that is very harmful to health. When a person starts to smoke the bacteria is generated inside his/her mouth.

That bacterium makes your mouth enable to fight against the infection which can cause cancer and other serious issues. Similarly, bacteria do not allow the outside air to enter your mouth which can cause shortness of breath, and when you will not inhale enough oxygen your lungs will get affected.

On the contrary, vapes are much safer than cigarettes. Vapes contain nicotine and you can even control the level of nicotine in your vape device.

Vaping has a low mortality rate as compared to traditional cigarettes. And if you will nicotine-free e-juice it will be safer to use. There are many advantages of e-cigs or vape kits over cigarettes that is why people prefer using e-cigs to quit smoking.

Easy to use:

When you use a cigarette you have to first light it by using the matchbox or lighter and then it is ready to use. But in the case of vaping, you do not need any lighter or matchbox you can simply take few sips of it without lighting it. Most people say vaping is easier to use because it does not require a lot of effort.

Vape devices are also known as e-cigs, pens, tanks, and many other names. Vaping devices are portable and desktop type. Portable vaping devices have an internal battery and they are small pocket-sized devices with a pod that holds e-liquid.

In cigarettes, you have to complete the whole cigarette or you have to burn it because it cannot be used for the second time. But Portable vaping device you can take few sips of it and put it back in your pocket for later use.

Temperature Control Vs. No Temperature Control:

In the case of cigarettes, you cannot control the level of temperature in it. You have to inhale all the chemicals used to make the cigarette and it is quite harmful to health. But with time vaping devices have been modified and come with temperature control settings now, you can easily control the temperature level. If you will set the temperature level to high you will inhale more chemicals. Set the temperature to low to inhale fewer chemicals. Because of these advantages people are preferring vaping over cigarettes.

Different Flavours of E-juice:

Cigarettes do not have a lot of flavours but vaping provide many different e-liquids vaping flavours to try. A wide range of e-juice flavours is available in the market as well as online you can even order e-juice of your choice from many different websites. The flavour of e-juice is cheery, cola, doughnut, cookies, fruity, yoghurt, and many others.

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